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Annual Legislative Reports

  • Plan of Operations: Public Utilities Code §3283 requires the preparation of an annual report, referred to in the statute as the Wildfire Fund’s “Plan of Operations,” reporting on the operation, management, and administration of the Fund. The Plan of Operations reports on Fund assets, projections for the durability of the Fund, the success of the Fund, whether or not the Fund is serving its purpose, and a plan for winding up the Fund if projections demonstrate that the Fund will be exhausted within the next three years.

  • Section 3287 Statutory Report: Public Utilities Code §3287 requires the California Catastrophe Response Council, beginning on January 1, 2021, and annually thereafter, with the assistance of the Wildfire Fund Administrator, to prepare and file with the Legislature and the Department of Finance periodic reports regarding the formation, administration, and disposition of the Fund, as the Council deems appropriate.

    • 2021 Statutory Report: The Council submitted a copy of the 2020 Plan of Operations in satisfaction of its reporting requirement because the 2020 Plan of Operations covered all of the information required in the Section 3287 Statutory Report, and there had been no material change to the Fund between the period covering the 2020 Plan of Operations and the 2021 Section 3287 Statutory Report.

    • 2022 Statutory Report (PDF)

    • 2023 Statutory Report (PDF)

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